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What is Turning Point?

Senior Care Solutions in South Bend

DIGNITY … an essential component to human life. Food and water are essential to sustain human life, equally important is sustaining dignity. If dignity is taken away the body may live but the soul dies. Dignity should be at the core when a senior arrives at his turning point.

Senior Care is one of the largest growing industries in our country. We are living longer but often living in a condition which requires help. Indiana and Michigan (Michiana) are home to quality senior facilities, trying to objectively discern which one may be best is the tricky part. Our service exists to help guide you through the many choices. We specialize in understanding various options in northwestern Indiana, Elkhart, Goshen, LaPorte, Michigan City, South Bend areas as well as, southwestern Michigan, Buchanan, Niles and St. Joseph.


Since we live here we have personal knowledge of the various facilities available to seniors once living at home is no longer an option. We explain the differences between the various choices and then guide you through the process. This is a service offered to seniors, their family and friends who find themselves at a turning point.

Who We Serve

  • Adult children of elderly parents who are no longer safe at home
  • Spouses who can no longer meet the high demands of caregiving at home
  • Powers of attorney working on behalf of an elderly family member or friend
  • Seniors living alone and in need of companionship and care
  • Retirees looking for an easy-to-manage lifestyle

Our Services

Turning Point offers personalized referrals for senior housing, senior care, and in-home care services by matching your specific needs with the most suitable resources in your area. From the options that we define for you, we can accompany you on your visits through the process, or you can take them on your own. If it’s in-home services you are needing, we can be there for the first meeting with the provider, too.

Working with Turning Point, you’ll have the confidence that you have all the right information to make educated decisions. Whether you’re choosing to remain in your own home with in-home services, move to a senior community or need financial advice, we’re there to help.

About Turning Point Senior Care Choices

Welcome! If you're here, more than likely you or a loved one are reaching the point in life where some level of assistance is needed. You're learning that the choices can be overwhelming. Have a look around the site, and then get in touch. You're not alone - we can help!

Senior Care Choices in the South Bend Area