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Best Laid Plans

Best laid plans often result in unforeseen issues.  Making a decision is based on information you have at the time.  Often, while obstacles were considered, actually living through those can be tough.  Case in point with a decision to live in an independent senior community with the […]

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Hearing loss

Hearing loss is one part of aging which may begin the process of isolation and depression. If you can’t hear well, then you can’t join in on conversations. Click here for a guide on hearing loss symptoms.

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Here’s What I’m Talking About “Thriving”

I just love this video. It puts a smile on your face.  Enjoy!   Billie Jean Dancing Seniors

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5 Ways to be a Healthcare Advocate For Your Parent

Sandwich generation, parenting children and caring for their parents.  Not an easy mantle to handle but many of us do.  Here are ways to be an advocate to your parent. Listen, just listen.  Aging is a new experience and a scary one since it’s the last phase. […]

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Every Phase of Life

Isolation is a big issue confronting seniors which leads to depression.  As with all phases of life,  humans like to be with others experiencing the same things.  Think of children, playing with children, teens with teens, parents with parents, seniors entering aging, feel comfort with other seniors […]

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Number one Senior Issue: Transportation

 Driverless car something to look forward to for our largest growing demographic, senior citizens.  Loosing the ability to drive is the beginning of a deep slope of social  and physical issues senior begin to realize.  Without independent transportation, a car seniors become dependent on local transportation, as […]

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Mesothelioma and Senior Living

Mesothelioma and Senior Living A mesothelioma diagnosis can be difficult to endure physically and mentally. The rare cancer predominately affects seniors with a history of asbestos exposure. Malignant mesothelioma has a latency period of 20 to 50 years, meaning it can take decades after initial exposure for […]

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It’s been a while since I blogged

There’s so much going on with seniors in our town.  Last month we had a wonderful conference with Dr. Bill Thomas who is an instrument for changing how we view aging.  His theatrical presentation afforded the audience to contemplate aging, how we as a society view aging […]

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There’s A Conference For That

Communities all around the country are gearing up for the aging population.  Here’s information on a free caregivers conference at Notre Dame…It’s good to know what you don’t know.  Check this link out. WalkingAlongside_Hi Res  

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This aging thing has a natural learning curve

I try to read and listen as much as possible about aging.  As Isabel Allende, an author put it ” aging is constant” we are all aging by the minute”.  That’s not a direct quote but it’s the essence.  Yesterday, I found this article about “pill boxes” […]

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